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Online Infant, Child & Teen Health Conference

We are so proud to announce our first online webinar series with our team of experts about infant, child and teen health. This webinar series is for parents, families, and anyone interested in child health and development. We will be discussing topics including psychology, physical health, nutrition, speech & language, parenting, and more.

The Online Infant, Child & Teen Health Conference covers topics like:

Session Details

Date: Tuesday, November 24th: 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Facilitator: Calista Naismith – Physiotherapist

Kids can benefit from physiotherapy, find it at Pine Cone Health


This hour-long webinar will introduce children and their families to the basics of pediatric pelvic health. We will cover the importance of developing a positive relationship between kids and their bowel and bladder health. It will offer insight into potty training, bed wetting, constipation, and incontinence, as well as when to reach out to a pelvic health physiotherapist.

This webinar is appropriate for families with kids aged 2 -18.

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Session Details

Date: Wednesday, November 25th: 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Facilitators: Holly Thompson & Lauren Richardson – Physiotherapists

holly thompsonlauren richardson


This webinar will discuss ways to keep your kids active over the winter and dive into physical activity guidelines. We will also be discussing movement breaks, heavy work and sitting postures that are important to optimize your child’s learning environment. We will emphasize strategies to help people with kids of all ages, but this webinar offers focused strategies for kids aged 2-10.

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Session Details

Date: Thursday, November 26th: 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Facilitator: Jennifer Fung – Speech-Language Pathologist

Some kids need help with speech, find it at Pine Cone Health


If you’ve ever wondered if your child’s speech and language is on track, this is the presentation for you! We will review communication milestones for children up to the age of 5 and our speech-language pathologist will be sharing strategies that are effective for every parent’s toolkit. A brief overview will also be provided regarding public and private options for assessment and treatment.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 8:30 am- 9:30 am

Facilitator: Angela Young – Registered Psychologist

The best counselling available at Pine Cone Health


How do I help my child regulate their emotions?

How do I help my child to understand their feelings? 

Is my child’s emotional development typical for their age? 

These are some of the common questions parents have in regards to their child’s emotional development. Especially during COVID-19, many families have been isolating and social interactions have been limited. This has been a cause of concern for many parents. In this presentation, we will explore the realm of social-emotional development and learn strategies and activities to facilitate social-emotional growth.

This presentation is aimed towards parents/caregivers of kids approximately 2-5 years old.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 10:00 am- 11:00 am

Facilitator: Rachel Walpert Fairbrother – Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist Rachel Walpert Fairbrother


Sometimes we are unaware of how what our children are asking for can actually trigger feelings of distress, anger, anxiety or helplessness within us. We call this “shark music”, because it is scary and makes us want to withdraw, turn away or limit interactions with our child.

Children need help learning to regulate big emotions. If we distance ourselves because of our own discomfort, our child may learn big emotions aren’t safe to show or attempt to regulate on their own. Learning to recognize our “shark music” will allow us to be more responsive to our child’s needs and show them we are a secure base to go out and explore the world.

This webinar is perfect for parents with children, from infant through teenager.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 11:30 am- 12:30 pm

Facilitator: Linda Crawford – Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Certified Lactation Consultant Linda Crawford


In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • 4 signs of readiness that your baby is ready to start complementary foods
  • 2 approaches to offering complementary foods with their pros and cons
    • Soft foods, purees and pablum
    • Baby Led weaning
  • Special considerations for families with allergies, vegetarians, vegans & gluten-free diets.
  • Ways to offer foods while still nursing and/or giving bottles
  • How this will affect my baby’s sleep

This webinar is appropriate for families anywhere in the breastfeeding journey, pregnancy or those who want to learn more about infant feeding.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Facilitator: Simone Moniz – Provisional Psychologist

Registered Provisional Psychologist Simone Moniz


For the last several months, systemic racism has been a topic of conversation and many folks are wondering what to do and where to start. This webinar aims to help parents learn some simple steps and helpful considerations when talking about racism with their children. We will be talking about developmentally appropriate things to expect and how to approach such a difficult topic with kindness, curiosity and respect. We aim to explore our own past learning by talking about bias and prejudice and how they are moving “beads on the thread of racism”. To raise an antiracist child, we must raise an antiracist parent. Years ago, Malcolm X said, “We can’t teach what we don’t know. We can’t lead where we won’t go.” If we want our children to go forward and be comfortable in disrupting racism, we must practice what we preach and ourselves become antiracist.

This webinar is for those with children ages 0-12 in your life.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 2:30 pm-3:30 pm

Facilitator: Leah Hackney – Registered Dietitian

leah hackney


In this webinar, we will explore how to make meals less stressful by exploring:

  • Parents & children’s roles in feeding
  • A deeper look at the feeding environment
  • Top 3 picky eating mistakes
  • Optimizing nutrition
  • Adding food variety
  • Top tips for preventing or reversing picky eating

This workshop is focused on strategies for families with children aged 2-5 but also may be applicable to families with kids aged 6-8.

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Session Details

Date: Saturday, November 28th: 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm

Facilitator: Brittany Sales – Master’s Level Counsellor

Brittany Sales


Anxiety is currently the top reason why a parent brings a child to a mental health professional. In this webinar, we will explore the difference between normal worries and anxiety, how anxiety manifests, and how to respond when anxiety shows up in your teen.  We will also discuss strategies and interventions that can help your teen with anxiety.

This webinar is appropriate for those with preteens and teens in their lives.

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Price: $10.00

Each webinar will be available at the low price of $10 per webinar (plus GST) or $50 (plus GST) for an all access pass. To register, click the button below!

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Child Health Webinars
  • What is the cost to attend the webinars?

The price to attend each webinar is $10.00 plus GST or $50 plus GST for an All Access Pass to All of the Webinars.  Our goal of the conference is to make the sessions accessible and affordable.

  • How do I register for a webinar?

You can register yourself using our online booking system or by calling our office at 587-855-5598.  Please select the webinar you wish to sign up for or the all access pass.  Your credit card will be processed the day of registration.

  • What platform will you be using?

We will be using Zoom for the webinars.

  • When will I receive the link and password to attend the webinar? 

 Please make sure to double check the spelling of your email address while registering so the link and password can successfully be sent to you in the registration confirmation email.

We will email you the login details 24 hours before the webinar.  If you do not receive the login details, please email us at for assistance.

  • Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to processing fees and our low cost for the webinars, we will not be offering refunds unless the offerings are cancelled by the host.

  • Why do I need to add as a contact in my email?

It is important that you add this email address as a contact in your email so that future emails we send (including emails containing the webinar link etc.) will not go to your spam folder but rather your inbox.

  • What time zone will the webinar be in?

This webinar will be hosted in MST.

  • What happens if my internet briefly freezes?

If you experience your zoom interface freezing or become disconnected during the event, please close the application and log back on immediately to avoid missing any content.

  • Will there be a recording? 

No, this series will unfortunately not be offered as a recording or replay.

  • Will I receive the presenter’s slides?

It is up to each presenter if they wish to share their slides.  During the webinar, the presenter will notify participants if they will be making the slides available after the webinar.  Please do not email us asking for the slides ahead of the presentation.

  • Will I have to show my face on camera?

We will have the settings by default so only the presenter will have their video on. We strongly encourage participants to interact using the chat function.

  • I am a health professional. Will you be offering CE Credits?

At this time, this webinar is not being offered for credit.

  • When will I receive a certificate?

We will not be issuing any certificates for the webinars.

  • I had technical issues on my end and missed a portion of the training.  Can I receive a refund or credit?

No, all sales are final.  We will not refund purchases or issue credits for any reason other than the presenter cancels the event. We strongly encourage individuals to download the Zoom interface and test it on your devices prior to the event.

  • Can I transfer or share my paid attendance to another person?

No. Transferring attendance is not permitted due to the manual intervention necessary to facilitate such a transfer.

  • How can I be informed about your future trainings?

Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook under “Pine Cone Health” so that you don’t miss our announcements of future events!

  • What if I won a pass through a promotion or giveaway?

Similar to paid registrants, we will email you the login information 24 hours prior to the webinar(s). If you don’t hear from us, please email us at

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