Dec 19, 2020

Building Social Skills While Social Distancing

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Building Social Skills While Social Distancing Throughout the pandemic, the following message has been emphasized – keep physically distant, not socially distant from one another. How does this look for our children and teens? There are still many opportunities to build on social skills, even if you’re engaging in [...]

Nov 2, 2020

Speech-Language Pathology – What is it?

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  Pine Cone Health What is Speech-Language Pathology – Who SLPs Are and What They Do When I was growing up, the mention of speech therapy conjured up images of someone helping a child with their “r” soundand an endless sea of flash cards. Many people wonder what is speech-language pathology?While speech-language pathologists certainly help people work on specific sounds, they also do so much more. In this post, I will address some commonly asked questions about speech-language pathologists and speech therapy.  What is a speech-language pathologist and what do they do? Speech-language pathologists are involved in the prevention, identification, and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. More specifically, we help people with: Speech sounds (how we say sounds and put sounds together to form words) Understanding and using language (this includes, but is not limited [...]

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